Another blog attempt

I tried blogging a few times in the past but the result was always the same: The blog was abandoned after a while. From these attempts, I think I’ve learned what I believe is essential to go beyond the huge amount of 3 posts per blog:

Investing on the environment

There are several ways one could invest on his blog environment, e.g., using a good blog platform, using a good blog layout, etc.

I’m using Jekyll – a static site generator – as my blog platform, it improves my limited blogging capacity. Mixing it with the joy of building my first blog layout… I can only preview a wonderful blog ahead!

Jekyll has many Plugins one could use in order to improve their blog and it also seems easy to develop new ones if necessary. With this in mind, I believe I will start thinking about the blog not only as a way to learn & share but also as a way to do what I most enjoy — developing.

Lastly, but not least, I’m using github as a remote repository and to host the blog.

  1. Date: May 12, 2012
  2. Tags: blog
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