Oh My Fish

I’ve been using Zsh as my default shell for a long time, it has many builtin functions that I use on my day-to-day work. I also use some plugins that come with Oh My Zsh and others that I did; This is my current plugin list: autojump, brew, bundler, fast_rake, git, mkv, rails3, rake, rvm, wifi .

Time has passed and I started noticing that my shell is really slow. It’s certainly related to the amount of functions and plugins that I use, so I looked for a solution and found Fish.

Fish is a incredible fast shell which “uses a cutting-edge technology known as ‘threads,’ so it doesn’t stutter even on sluggish filesystems”. It has a different approach then Bash and Zsh which might not meet your needs (and maybe not mine) but I’m willing to try it.

At this moment, I’m adding these plugins to Oh My Fish (a framework for Fish that I’m developing) and in the future I intend to add support for more tools. Wanna help me and the Fish community? Fork it!

  1. Date: July 25, 2012
  2. Tags: fish and oh my fish
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